Friday, June 8, 2012

Color Blocking

I know "color blocking" has been a huge big deal this Spring and for the Summer, too.

I am not sure how I feel about it. I went out and bought myself some teal jeans and I just haven't brought myself to wear them outside of the house yet. It doesn't help that they fit weird on me. But that is a wholenuther story.

Like mint green is a wholenuther story. I am not convinced that mint green is going to last very long, and those persons who went out and bought entire wardrobes for Spring and Summer built around  mint green articles of clothing may come to regret that impulse decision.

(When did "wholenuther" become a word, anyway? Is it even a word? Because I say it all the time.)

So while the one "color blocking" experience might be wearing teal jeans with a coral shirt, I am naive, and thought color blocking was this (until I was enlightened by some show I saw on TV about trends for Spring):

Suede color block oxford shoes, 1960s, size "totally small" and "painfully narrow".

Color block suede handbag, 1960s, and yes, this was also in a post from a few days ago, so?

A purse I sold a long time ago.

This was what they called "color block" in the 60s. I personally find it..... mysterious, and a bit odd - like mint green clothing, for instance.  But hey. Whatever, man.


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