Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Old Lady Pocketbooks - I Love 'Em

It was my adoration of vintage purses and hats that got me into this whole vintage "thing" in the first place. As a teenager I loved old purses and hats and collected them; even though at the time it was a little "odd".  To this day I find it terribly difficult to let go of old purses. Something in me wants to hoard them all for myself. I hoard quite a few for myself, still.

Last week I patronized my niece's Youth Group yard sale fundraiser. I confess, I had been tipped off by my sister in law that there were, in her words, "old lady pocketbooks". This, of course, piqued my interest.

So we went.

And the promise of "Old Lady Pocketbooks" was delivered upon. As I sorted through dusty boxes like a tornado, I kept stacking the purses (and other items) up on my husbands outstretched arms while he just stood there shaking his head and grinning at me. 

Keeping this 70s leather shoulder bag for myself... I am getting into shoulder and cross-body bags these days. This one is really nice, soft leather.

 Plus, I am keeping this little navy blue leather handbag as well. For awhile, anyway.

These purses are for sale in my shop:

1950s Black boxy vinyl purse

1950s white leather purse by Kessler

1970s Bohemian "carpet" shoulder bag

1940s brown suede handbag

1950s Black patent "leather" kelly style purse 

1960s color block suede purse

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re:retro said...

these retro handbags (australian term) are fantastic...i would collect them if i wasn't trying to do the opposite!