Monday, June 18, 2012

My Good Looking Sister

My sister recently gave herself a "Bettie Page" style haircut. (Bettie Page was a pin up model in the 50s) I still can't believe my sister has the guts to cut her own bangs, but anyway......

We had a Fathers Day picnic at my house yesterday and she was sporting a great vintage look so naturally I had to snap some pics.

She had asked me about a method of tying a scarf on your head in Rosie the Riveter fashion, and I steered her towards the tutorial on Solanah's blog, Vixen Vintage - which is the best one I have ever seen, by far. 

I also instructed my sister to invest in a  tube of red lipstick if she was going to go with these kinds of vintage looks.

I think she pulled it off really well, don't you?


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Y'all come back now, 'hear?

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Sarah McMurray said...

LOVE that look on Naomi!