Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mad Men

So I've been hearing all kinds of buzz about the show "Mad Men" from vintage sellers/buyers; "Mad Men" is a regular tag and title used on etsy for 60's items; etc.
But I had never seen the show; so I got season One from Netflix.



And - sorry, "Mad Men" fans - I was most certainly unimpressed.

Yes, the costumes are fantastic. I appreciate that aspect - 1960s fashion is very misunderstood and under appreciated by some who associate the 1960s only with "hippie" and "mod"; and don't take into consideration the classics like the "wiggle" dress, sheath dresses, etc. The 60's had a LOT of timeless styles to offer the fashion world. And these are showcased in Mad Men.

But I could not get past the charaters; or the plot. Especially the leading male role, Don Draper, who comes across as a good looking, alcoholic, chain smoking, womanizing, aloof person who is habitually unfaithful to his perfectly lovely wife. Ik.

And the fact that the leading female office role seems to be intent on completely undermining a new office girl's purity and scruples. Gag.

The men are all rude and disrespectful of the women in the office, and everywhere else; and I simply cannot detect a solid plot beyond the routine rudeness to women, and talking about advertisements.

Ok, by the third episode, some of the screwed-up home life of these people started to emerge as well. Yay.

All while looking amazing in spot-on 60's costume; I'll give it that.

Maybe it's just my wholesome, country, church going, "respect ladies and treat them like princesses" upbringing getting the better of me.

But Season One Dick One was enough Mad Men for me.

Can anyone tell me if it gets better? If it improves, maybe I'll try watching some more.


Polka Dot said...

I've drooled over the costumes many a time, but never watched it, because I heard it was awful in the moral area. :P

Herb of Grace said...

Yep, it's pretty bad. We couldn't take it any more after about five episodes. Too depressing and sad.