Friday, October 1, 2010

Hat Accessories

There were so many photos of the hats I bought in the last "vintage buy" post that I didn't want to bore everyone with the hat pins.

Along with the hats, I bought hat pins.

And if you have hat pins, you must have hat pin holders.

Right? Of course, right. As a hat collector, I have decided to branch out and start collecting hat accessories - hat stands, hat pins, hat pin holders, head forms.... you know.

So, I bought this tall hat pin holder a couple of weeks ago from an Etsy seller.


I keep my great (great?) Grandmother's hat pins in it - two very ornate metal tipped ones and a milk glass tipped one.


And I bought this trio of adorable, "shabby chic", cottage-style short hat pin holder from another Etsy seller last week. I cannot get over how cute these are.


You can see here how small they are - only a couple of inches tall. I think they're actually really old salt shakers; 1920's or 30s perhaps. I think. But people started using them as hat pin holders, and they are sold all the time as hat pin holders. There are little holes in the bottom for corks; so that's what makes me think they're salt shakers with a second life as hat pin holders.


The pins they hold are only three-four inches long.

I am currently eyeballing more hat pins on Etsy. But I have to decide between handbags at the antique store this weekend or the hat pins; as I do try to keep my spending in check.

I'll let you know what I decide on and which vintage piece gets adopted.

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all! I plan on sleeping in as long as the puppy lets me, having ice cream for breakfast, and cleaning the house in my pjs; then cuddling up to watch movies - as it's going to be chilly all weekend!

I love autumn.

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