Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Silly Niece ...

I try not to bore you readers with too many photos of the kids in my life - my nieces and nephews. I try not to irritate you with stats on the kids; or the cute things they say/do/wear/make; or their smarty britches achievements  - like when Ethan's baseball team was undefeated this season? I didn't even mention it.  Nor do I mention when certain ones of them get killer grades, or do awesome school projects. Just like I never mention that my sister made the Dean's list at Regent University and that she is testing to get into law school this fall...... nah, I just don't go there. (Winky winky....) 

 Except once in a while when the awesomeness of my brother's kids forces me to post photos of them, and mention them here.

 Like my oldest niece, Abi. She's 10 years old. (Geeez that makes me feel old.......) She loves drama and singing and acting and she is talented at it.

 She was  in the cast of "Annie" last summer; a huge production in our town compete with an orchestra.

 She's been in other plays; including "Godspell"; "101 Dalmations", and others.

 And this past spring, she had the LEADING ROLE in another play...... which I can't remember the name of. Ooops.

 Anyway - this past 4th of July weekend, we had our usual huge family shindig at my brother's house, and I, of course, took tons of photos of the kids. When I got home and started sorting out the pics, I noticed something....





She's going to kill me for this.

 Tee hee.

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