Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Want To Buy: Vintage Wash Tub

Last summer I answered a CL ad for some vintage metal lawn chairs; and when I went to purchase them, the man also had a vintage double washstand on his front porch. It looked much like this one (found on eBay classifieds for the El Dorado area) except, it was white enamel.


 At the time I was just beginning to explore "garden salvage" and wasn't sure if I could use the wash stand; which the owner offered to me for only $20. Looking back I could kick myself for not snatching it up.

 Now I wish I had it, so I could do things like this with it:



 (Photos found on Flikr)

 So now I am in the market for one.

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Hopscotch Dandelions said...

Love those old wash basins!