Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grand Opening Of My Second Etsy Shop

So this is the surprise I mentioned in my post yesterday. But its less of a surprise for those of you who follow my Etsy shop on Facebook or who follow me on Facebook. (To follow the shop on Facebook, click the link in the sidebar to you right.)

I used to have a kids "section" in my Carolina Roses Etsy shop; but about a year ago I decided to stop listing the kid's items I buy and save them up to create a second shop with only the kid's stuff in it.

For a while I thought I was going to set my Mom up with the shop; but we decided since I already know how to manage and navigate the Etsy website I'd just do it myself.

I have been behind the camera and in front of the computer for days and days to get everything posted and identified and I am still working on items for the shop.

The shop is Julia's Child Vintage. Julia being my Mom, and me being her child.

I especially love the old fashioned frilly girls dresses, velvet dresses, cute accessories and, of course, cute nursery decor and adorable toys and things.

Later this week I will reveal the other surprise I mentioned that is kind of part of the Grand Opening of the Julia's Child shop.

Have a great day everyone!


Herb of Grace said...

It's awesome! :) But you need more BOY stuff!!!

Hosanna said...

I know. The thing is, BOYS are harder on their clothes than GIRLS, so there is not a lot of good quality boy's vintage that I have come across. :(