Monday, September 26, 2011

Vintage Time Capsule

Today I bought a pair of vintage infant shoes, and upon closer inspection, I saw there was a folded piece of note paper inside. I pulled it out and sure enough, there was a hand written letter.


The letter, dated May 2, 1977, reads:

Dear Steve
Well you didn't say goodbye, and I guess I didn't expect you to. Well anyway I hope you have a good summer. And I also hope that we can still be friends and maybe next year I'll see you around. Did you have fun on discovery? I know you did! Be good!!!!
Well about the shoes - these are to help remind you that if ever or whenever you become great and famous or look at great people you would like to be like, Christ said that we are to become as a little child. Try to fill these shoes.
It was hard to write this and it will be even harder to send it.
Take it with the right spirit or if you didn't, throw the shoes away! If you have the desire you can write me. Do take care of yourself. Love, Shirley

I thought it was pretty neat. The shoes and the letter will be listed in my Julia's Child Etsy shop tomorrow.

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Beth said...

Oh wow...that is so neat. It's always lovely to find things like that. I love digging through old letters. Well, when I can actually read the handwriting, anyway.