Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In The Kitchen

I am so excited!

Today, I installed my first bit of decor in my still being remodeled kitchen!

First of all, you must understand: for many years prior to my marriage and move to this farmhouse, I was a collector of vintage kitchen items and china. Working at a local Antiques store didn't help matters one bit. So, I have boxes of vintage stuff waiting for my kitchen.

Blue jars. Flow Blue. Blue Willow. Jadeite. Fiesta. W.S. George. Ironstone. Piles of Homer Laughlin from the 30's-40's. My great grandmother's egg beater and iron, given to me by my Grandpa. Chalkware roosters. My "puking cow" creamer. French white tureens and pitchers. Tins. Coffee grinder. Early electric toaster. Enamel ware. Aprons. Linens.

You get the picture.

Today we put up the plate rack my Mom bought me.....which is a lovely shade of distressed dark blue, even though in this (awful) picture, it looks black.

I think it looks great on my "Butter" walls. I played a game of Dr. Suess's "Hats" book with all my china: Pink Transferware? Too red. Flow blue? Too blue. Plates Mom gave me for a wedding gift? Too bold. So, I settled on these - with a spray of roses, daffodils, and little blue forget-me-nots, and a gilded edge, they were perfect! Even Kevin, who forbade all pink, girly things, approved. Now if I can only get him to put the cover on that wall heater fan....

In other news, I was washing up some turnips in the sink, and it occurred to me how pretty they are! What a lovely shade of purple.

So, I made a tower of them in my vintage green Fiesta bowl. For fun. If I had some herbs or berries, to stick in the spaces, it would be such a groovy arrangement. I love fruits, veggies, and berries arrangements. :)

And just a word of caution: When washing delicate vintage juice glasses, take extra care, as they break easily, and can cut your hands up pretty badly. Ouch.

Just thought I'd share my day in the kitchen! Y'all come back!


Denise said...

ouch! That looked like it hurt.

Love your new decorations!

Prairie Princess said...

Oooh, how exciting!! I know the feeling!! I got a few things up on some of my cupboards...old milk bottles, my butter churn, a tea pot...and after living 'under construction' for so long, it is a very satisfying feeling, indeed!

Hope your hand heals quickly, though. :( Not fun!