Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Re-purposed Hankys


Why didin't I think of this for my wedding?


Why am I asking such a stupid question? I had a zillion other cool things for my wedding. I certainly can't change it now.


I opened up a old catalog the other day and saw where they were selling "hanky cone bags" for $14. So I dug out some hankys I had and made some of my own. These cone shaped things are a Victorian concept. They used these cone thingys for Christmas and other special occasions. They are NOT vintage hankys, either. I feel like such a fake - using a machine embroidered hanky for this project. I know, get over it! - right? I know.

They're pretty cute, if I may say so.... especially filled with flowers. I had to use fake flowers for these pics, because, as you may have gathered, it is January, and pretty cold out these days so I don't seem to have much in the way of fresh flowers around.

I made about three of these for starters - and they're on my Etsy. But I am not charging $14.00 for them. You have to go to my Etsy to find out what I am asking for mine.........the link to my Etsy shop is in the side bar. I am too lazy to make a link to it in this post. *sigh*
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Prairie Princess said...

You are sooooo creative, if I haven't mentioned that before! These are SO sweet.....makes me long for spring and blossoms!!