Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well, that wasn't as bad as I thought...

Here I was, expecting the worst, and resigning myself to a few weeks free of listing things on Etsy, blogging, or anything except checking emails.

Turns out, THIS FELLOW (Phileppe) had slept on my desk, and pressed the lock button on the keyboard, and I didn't figure it out. (And the batteries were dead in the keyboard also - it's wireless. DUH)

And I blamed it all on the computer.

Just look at this mischief maker:




("Eye" is cute!)

In fact, as I type this, he is sleeping on the desk next to the mouse pad and keyboard. In know I should train my cats better, but I don't. They're spoiled. Spoiled rotten.

Anyway, we had an expert come by the house to fix our sound! It has been a month or so since we had sound on the desktop! Unfortunately, we will soon need another computer anyway, as this one does have a grody virus on it; and upgrading the memory will cost half as much (or more)as a new one.
We also had him take our laptop, which he said was an excellent laptop, and even better than our desk top, only it needed a bunch of crud dumped off of it and we need an external hard drive, etc. as well as some more memory.


I am back. I was actually looking forward to a bit of a break. I was all geared up about it; and what I would get done around the house since I wouldn't be taking pictures and editing pictures for Etsy all the time, etc.

Oh well.

Did you miss me? (Yeah, right! LOL)
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Herb of Grace said...

I TOTALLY missed you :) Yours is the first blog I look for! Especially now that certain other people never post anymore... *hint, hint, susi*

Prairie Princess said...

The second picture down...the face Phileppe is making...gives it all away. His cute cover slipped, lol. That's an evil mischief expression, thru and thru. Not that any of my cats ever make that face...... ;)