Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saying goodbye For a Little While

Well, my dear blog, and blogging friends, I find I must say goodbye for a while.

My main computer, my desktop with all my software and photos and EVERYTHING, crashed once and for all, I'm afraid. I am typing this on our old (like, 2007) Think Pad laptop which is a poor excuse for a laptop.....but I am grateful for it. It is the only thing I have to stay on top of my Etsy business, my eBay stuff (yes, I started dabbling in eBay, and actually sold some things this week :)Thanks for the inspiration, Jodi!) my PayPal, Kevin's farm equipment sales on Craigslist etc. And with my Etsy business clicking along as it is, I panicked when the desktop crashed. Then my amazing husband swooped in and got this thing going well enough for me to do what I have to do. "I'm not good at computers," he says. Well, he's a heck of a lot better than ME!


Ever since my little brother was here at Christmas and downloaded a bunch of JUNK on it, it's been slowly loosing it day by day.
E ven having it "de-virused" and "de-fragged" didn't make it any better. In fact, during the transport of the thing, we lost our sound card. Well, we didn't "loose" it, it kind of broke; or disappeared, or something. Anyway, we had no audio. Then this past week, the wireless keyboard started giving me problems. Then today, as I was trying to type a blog post, it quit all together. Booooo!

We're trying to get a reputable guy to come deal with it, and install some memory upgrades, but Kevin said if he didn't come by midweek, he was going to buy me an entire new system. (Even though we really can't afford it.) With so much riding on the computer business-wise, and money-wise, I can't not have one in good working order......

So I am going to check out of here for a few days while we figure out what we're going to do.

I might check in if I have some deep thoughts or something. Even though I rarely blog about my deep thoughts.....


Real quick Shop news: Some of the items I listed early on in my shop launch are going to be expiring soon; and I do not plan on re listing them any time soon, if ever. So I have moved them into the Sale section of my shop, and others will be going there in the next few weeks as well.
I am emptying out almost the whole thing to make room for my Spring and Summer lovelies!
So if you are a follower of my shop via this blog, and you had your eye on something in the shop, look out, it might be on sale for dirt cheap soon!

Well, goodbye - for a few days, or a week or so. I will still be reading your blogs; have no fear.



Herb of Grace said...

I am SO sorry about your computer woes... I feel your pain! Hope you work something out soon :)

Prairie Princess said...

I'm glad to hear you're having some fun with eBay!! :) And I'm also happy to hear (via Facebook) that your computer was just 'done in' by the kitty...and in time you'll be back, lol. :)