Monday, January 18, 2010

Linens, Linens, Linens.

How many dresser scarves can one person use in a house? Apparently, "back in the day", they used a whole lot! Dresser scarves, Vanity sets, chair sets, piano cloths; whatever the piece of furniture, they embroidered a linen for it! Large, small, tiny, all kinds of odd shapes. Often I have stood in an antiques store holding a embroidered linen, shaking my head and wondering "What the heck is this for?" I confess, I have bought many such odd linens for the embroidery on them. And because I find it hard to resist an embroidered linen for some unknown reason.
So the other night I was feeling super creative and I made this needle case out of a small 5 1/2 by 9 inch hand embroidered dresser - thingy while watching one of my favorite movies ever - "Becoming Jane".

I added the word "needles" on there.

Then I made this baggie out of a heavily starched, embroidered "hot rolls cover." It has a pink ribbon loop that is removable for hanging or carrying or whatever. I stayed up till 2:00 AM making these, as for some reason, I was stoked and far from feeling sleepy.

The next day, I bought a white and blue "hot rolls cover" at my friend's antique shop for $2.00 and made this little "baggy thingy" last evening while watching the 2 hour season premiere of "24" (Yay Jack! Whoop some terrorist butts! Yay Chloe! Hack those terrorist's computers!)

The baggy thingys are fully lined and have snap closures. My fingers are full of holes, too; as I do all the sewing by hand. Working with these old linens it too intricate to do with a machine. Besides, I don't know how to use a sewing machine - yet. I think they would make great make-up bags, lingerie bags, gift bags, little girl's purses, etc.

So they will all be up on my Etsy later this evening in case you want one or know someone who might want one.
Why leave old linens sitting around in bags, boxes, closets, drawers, attics, and the like? I say, USE 'EM.
I have a pile of throw pillows on our bed made entirely from old white linens.

So when I look at a old dresser scarf, I don't see a dresser scarf; I see what it could be with a little tweaking.
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Herb of Grace said...

I WANT the needle case! Can you make a tutorial for us?

Hosanna said...

Oh, yeah! Ummmmmm - that is a great idea - but I used most of my linens up already for these projects! When It was so cold this is all I did.
I am looking at buying some more from an Etsy seller; and I might pop up to the Antique mall this weekend and see if I can find some hankys and little things to use for a tutorial.......

RubyJunes said...

What fabulous lovelies you've created with the vintage linens, Hosanna! You've inspired me to maybe (eeks!) cut into some of my vintage linens stash and create some new things!

Hosanna said...

I try to do things to the linens without cutting them - but you can cut them to make them work.