Tuesday, January 5, 2010


All you ladies who love cute things need to check this out. Lisa over at one of the blogs I follow, Pink Porches, is making a pincushion (or "pinkeep", to Mary Jane's Farmgirls)for every day of the year. I know I have linked to Pink Porches before. The pinkeeps are super cute, vintage-ey, adorable bundles of cuteness, with custom pins to match. My favorite so far is the pear she did earlier in the week.
She is also selling them in her Etsy Shop - also called Pink Porches - if I am not mistaken. Although, I think most of them are selling like hotcakes so you need to move quick.
Another cute pinkeep to see is over at my bloggy friend Jodi's Etsy shop, Classica Gifts and Decor. Hers is in a vintage Hershey's Tin.
If I didn't have a pinkeep already I might be tempted to buy all of them. However, I do have a pinkeep, a hat. And, I feel like I have to suffer with it until I can create my own cuter pinkeep out of scraps I have on hand. So Lisa and Jodi have inspired me to do it; maybe as one of my cold weather confinement projects.
Anyway I hope you all go visit these Etsy shops and blogs and check out the cuteness.
Just thought I'd spread some pinkeep love.

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