Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Good Trade

....In fact, an excellent trade.

One of my New year goals was to sort out my stashes of stuff and donate, sell, or otherwise get rid of surplus items. So I came up with this huge bag of trims and laces and scraps of ribbon, embroidery floss and other things I simply was not going to be using at all. I didn't want to throw it out, or donate it to Goodwill, so I posted what I had on the Farmgirl Connection Barter. I soon got an offer for a barter from a fellow Farmgirl in Texas.

She makes tote bags, aprons, and................ these pin cushions.

I opted for the pin cushion. I have tried to do this with a tea cup of mine, and got nowhere. I wasn't expecting to get a pin cushion from the barter, as I have one I use and love; but when she offered this, I couldn't say no.


I got to choose from a selection of tea cups, and fabrics. It came with all the cute pins and buttons, too.

I think I made an excellent barter. Thanks, Victoria; if you're reading this!

And by the way - I bet I could connect you to her if you want one of these for yourself, as I believe she told me she sells these.

I also got a hanky from a fellow Farmgirl this week, as part of a hanky swap I participated in. See what fun the Mary Jane's Farm Farmgirl Connection can be? You seriously ought to join.

Have a great day and come back soo, 'hear?
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Denise said...

Victoria was my secret sister and she sent me a teacup pincushion. It was so cute! She also makes excellent lip balms and soaps. I love the swaps as well!