Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Stole This Idea - Things I love

Ree Drummond over at the Pioneer Woman website did a post this week on things she light of Valentine's Day - and I liked it so much I stole the idea and will do a list of my own. Some of the stuff on her list are things I love, too!!
I love lists like this. I used to make lists of my favorite words.
In my Bible, I kept a list of mis-pronounced words speakers at church said that cracked me up. Look around my desk and other places in my home and you will certainly find lists scrawled on the backs of receipts, junk mail envelopes, scraps of paper, bank deposit slips, etc. etc. I am only listing things that might not be obvious that I love. Everyone knows I love cats, dishes, vintage clothes, etc.


I love........



Antique books

My husband

Funk music

The smell of leather, hay, feed, and horses


Nacho Libre

Chippy white vintage furniture

The Summer Olympics

Old lace

Pride and Prejudice

Going barefoot


Mary Kay

Gunnie Sax (Even if I can't wear them)

Laura Ashley

Homer Laughlin

Mary Jane's Farm

Napoleon Dynamite

Key Lime Pie

Mom and Dad

My siblings

My nieces and nephews

Other family members I fail to mention

Les Miserables (The book)

The Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights


My Grandpa

My Grandma

Italian food

Bird's nests

Old Barns

Old Houses

The Old South

Auctions, Yard Sales, Estate Sales, and Thrift Shops

Gone With the Wind (The book and the movie too)




Wrought iron furniture

St. Augustine, Florida

North Carolina


French fries


Provolone Cheese

The Andy Griffith Show

Cottage flower gardens

Anne of Green Gables

Creamed Spinach

Sad, depressing piano music


Blue & White anything

Swing music

Long hair

Cherry pie

The Phantom of the Opera (2004 Movie)



James Earl Jones' voice

Ok I think this is long enough - although I could go on and on and on. Who wants to follow suit and make a list of things you love on your blog also? I'd love to see it. If you are, leave a comment and let me know so I can check out your post. (And it doesn't have to be all different things from me - I have a sneaking suspicion that many of you reading this like the same things I do anyway. You know who you are. :) )


Susannah Forshey said...

I stole your idea for my blog!

Susannah Forshey said...

Cilantro....this I did not know you loved. Most everything else, I knew. ;) Except funk music. That is just weird. But, I knew you have weirdness, so, in a way, I knew. :D

Lisa T. said...

I don't have the extra five minutes in my day to steal your stolen idea, but I just had to say that three of your things made me smile. One, cilantro. Love it, have a pot growing on my window sill as we speak. Hubby hates it. Number two, St. Augustine, Florida. Never been there but when hubby and I were little kids and just started dating a million years ago he had this wall paper in his bedroom that was like a map. St. Augustine was right by the light switch and one of the weird pieces of trivia that is stuck in my brain is that St. A is the oldest city in the U.S. AND number three, Nacho Libre-well sometimes a man just has to wear stretchy pants. Why do I think that is so durn funny? I do though.

(PS: just got my Country Living and had to rush to the real estate section just to see the house you got married in. Sweet!)


hilary said...

hey there, my name is Hilary and I saw your post over on the Etsy critique forum. I thought that I would take a look at your blog and saw how very pretty it is. I love the roses and the fact that they stay put as you scroll the pages down :)
I as well thoroughly enjoy the Phantom of the Opera movie. :D

here's my blog addy if you happen to have a moment:

have a tremendous day!

Prairie Princess said...

Okay, I made a list! It was so fun to read through yours...I'm always going 'ME TO' when I read your blog posts, but when I came across CILANTRO on your list, I could finally say 'NOT ME'!! LOL ;) I like it in fresh salsa, and that's it! It's toooo strong for me. :) Anywho, thx for inspiring a fun little post!