Monday, February 1, 2010

Green Box Find

Remember my "green box" escapade last summer, involving a vintage chair?

As I explained before, our dump has trash dumpsters, recycling bins, a huge "green box" where folks dump "big stuff" for the landfill, a Goodwill donation box, and a little shed where people put things they're giving away. You bring stuff to leave, and you can take anything you see ..... all for free. I have got many cool things this way - including an antique oil lamp, bird feeders, and boocoos canning jars, and a guitar, for starters.

So today I go do a recycling run, and put my donations in the "goody shed", and I found this in there:

New. With Tags. Yeah.

I guess you hang things on it. I don't know what, but I figured I'd stash it for a while, and see what I decide to do with it.
That is what I do with things sometimes.... hold onto it, until I get a "vibe" for what I want to make/use/re-purpose it for. As of this moment, I don't have a creative vibe on this... it's just interesting. It has little leaves on it. Any thoughts or ideas?

ALSO - quick randomness:

1. For dinner tonight, we had grass fed, organic beef steak, mashed turnips from our garden (tastes like creamed cauliflower) and green beans I canned myself from my garden. 100% what we grew ourselves. (The cows were raised by a friend, who fed them our hay, so yeah, we "grew"them too).

2. Has anyone seen the March issue of Country Living magazine? Yeah, I subscribed to that redundant mag, because it was so cheap, and I figured "why not?" most of the time, it is a huge yawn, but this issue had a feature on RUFFLES and I am in love with them. There is this pair of towels with rows of little ruffles sewn on, and I am tempted to do that to towels for my upcoming bathroom remodel. (Although, I cannot really picture my tall, masculine, "man's man", hunter/farmer/carpenter/mechanic husband using them.)

3. Speaking of re modeling, we went wandering through Home Depot today, discussing aspects of said up coming bathroom remodel. May I just say, my dreams of a tub with jets went flying out the doors when I saw the $1,200 price tag? Darn it!

4. I made English muffins yesterday. Check out my Vintage Kitchen blog for the scoop.

5. I got up some more kitchen decor today. Snow has kept my husband indoors these past few days, looking for something to do, and so we have caught up on a few piddly "details" like socket covers, shelves in the laundry area, and decor in the kitchen. Yay. Tomorrow, I paint trim.

6. I am reading "My Sister's Keeper" by Jodi Picoult. *sniff*

And now I have to trot off and watch some very thrilling and exciting "24".....

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Hosanna said...

You know; the more I look at this thing, the more I think it was intended for little glass candle thingys with little tea lights in them. Hmmm.

elisa said...

I think it might actually be an ornament tree. Seen those before? You hang the ornaments on the little hooky things-- ones too fragile to trust to a tree branch within reach of cats ;)

I read that one! It was actually one I was sent for free to review. Not thrilled with it, actually. Jodi Picoult irritates me for some reason...

MaryAnn said...

Love your blog! The handstitching, cooking and all the other stuff is such fun, even when it is work. If I was doing some craft shows I would use the tree to hang ornaments or scarves.

Gracie's Eggies said...

I love your blog and I love Virginia!

Prairie Princess said...

Mm, you could hang necklaces on it?? Or little ornaments, I like that idea... maybe little heart ornaments for Valentine's day...