Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Makin' Marmalade


I've been making marmalade. I love marmalade. My Gramma loves it. My Dad loves it. And my mom hates the High Fructose Corn Syrup in the stuff you buy in stores. So do I! So I make several batches at once. With pure cane sugar.

I love marmalade; like I love other citrus things: Key lime pie; Lemon meringue pie; Mom's Orange walnut date bars; my lemon cupcakes with coconut cream frosting; citrus shortbread cookies; lemon bars; those kinds of things.

Maybe I got it from my mom, who grew up surfing off the shores of Cocoa Beach, Florida, and lived for a time in Aunt Jeanette's and Uncle Pat's citrus grove on the Indian River (Intercostal Waterway) in Florida. I certainly loved visiting the grove and seeing the fruit on the heavily laden trees. I remember my Gramma making fresh squeezed juice from those oranges when we still lived in Florida. *sigh* Anyhoo -

So for my wedding I made little half pint jars of marmalade as favors. See the tag on them? This is where I got the name for this blog. The tags on the favors read "And they lived Happily Ever After." Awwwwww....... so true; so true.

For more, and the recipe, click over to my Vintage Kitchen blog. Enjoy!
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Susannah Forshey said...

Please, oh Please post your Mom's recipe for Orange Walnut Date bars! I've been seeing these massive boxes of luscious dates at Costco recently, and have no experience using them in cooking/baking. This sounds exquisite!

Prairie Princess said...

Mm, you're making my mouth water! Marmalade is soo yummy! I like mine on sourdough toast with butter...mmm! Such a sweet idea for wedding favors, too... :)

Denise said...

I second Susi's request for the date walnut bars!!!

You know, I love marmalade too... The wonderful chewiness of a citrus peel in your mouth. I also have to say I love citrus (I printed the lemon cupcakes out the day I saw them on your blog, and am just awaiting a grocery trip to buy cream cheese in order to make them!) I adore citrus. My most recent obsession: blood oranges! I look for them everywhere, buy them by the bagful, and eat multiple ones each day.

You know, St Dalfour has a Kumquat Marmalade that is only made with white grape juice for sweetening. All 3 of us love it. I'd love to make marmalade without any sugar as well.

But guess what citrus fruit I'm really wanting to try? Bergamonts!!! And all because of this man's entry.... your marmalade recipe isn't helping things.. :)

Bergamot Marmalade