Friday, March 26, 2010

Springtime Sights





I went straight out to pick this bucket full of daffodils this afternoon when I heard that it was going to be almost freezing tonight - I didn't want them all to be lost before I had a chance to enjoy them. There are two varieties here; and they all smell like....oh, I don't know.... honeysuckle, and sugar cookies, and strawberry jam......
I brought them home to make arrangements for my dinner party I am having tomorrow with my family for my brother and I's birthdays. (Our bDays are a week apart.)

My husband bought me 24 baby chicks for part of my birthday gift. Well, actually, we were going to buy them anyway, but seeing as we bought them the day before my birthday, I called them my birthday gift. :D They are so stinking CUTE!
I wanted ducklings, too, but Kevin said no..... ducks make a bigger mess, and go in the road, and eat flowers and vegetable gardens, he says. Of course, chickens do all this too; but apparently ducks are worse. I guess. I just love fuzzy yellow ducklings. I just love spring! Even though it's going to be 30 degrees tonight! I don't care! It's Spring!!
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Hosanna said...

PS. We put some grass and dirt in their "brooder" and they love it. They take dirt baths and climb all in the grass.... we figure it will get them ready for being free range outside.