Monday, March 22, 2010

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I have been updating my shipping options in my Etsy shop to include international rates. So instead of having to convo me for rates, if you are outside the USA, you have a shipping option right from checkout on my Etsy. I guessed at a lot of the rates, so I may come to regret this, if I under charge for shipping. On the other hand, if you are overcharged, I always, always refund your pay pal account for amounts over $1.00


I listed this robin's egg blue square dancing dress. Before I did, I threw it on for a few shots at my barn with my horse Halley. Even though the dress is not my personal favorite style, I thought it was cute. I think it would rock out with a crinoline, for a swing party or as a rockabilly outfit.


And as promised, here are pics of my patio. We dug out the area to be "paved" , and then I brought in all the bricks and rocks.


It's taken me a week or so, or arranging rocks and bricks this way and that, but we finally settled on this design, and now we'll bury the rocks so they're level, and then spread the dirt all over the top. Then we'll grow grass on it, to hold everything in place. Then all I have to do is mow over it, and keep the grass to a minimum. I still have to do some tweaking of my raised bed wall there, and plant the thing full of flowers for my butterfly/hummingbird garden.

Oh and the spot where there are no small fill-in bricks? I just hadn't brought in the last load yet. It's now filled in. :D

Every rock and brick in the raised bed and in the patio is recycled from old chimneys on our farm. I put not one red cent into this, except for bedding plants and herbs.

What do you think?
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Herb of Grace said...

Maaan. I LOVELOVELOVE your patio. You need to come dig up a bunch of my herbs and stuff before we move. I have a hydrangea bush for you-- already potted and ready to go!