Wednesday, March 17, 2010

" Vintage 'Subcultures' " - Pt. 1: ROCKABILLY

So, as a person who collects and sells (sometimes - things are slow these days) vintage, I do a lot of research into the vintage fashion world and see a lot of stuff. I like to know who is buying vintage, so as to improve my marketing, and to aid me in my purchasing of items. I don't want to spend a lot of money buying vintage inventory no one is going to want to buy! So - recently I have really delved into this as I try to take my e-commerce (Etsy Shop) to the "next level". In doing so, I have found out about a couple of very interesting "subcultures" that rely on vintage and vintage inspired clothing pieces for their fashion statements.

The first one, and my personal favorite thus far, is Rockabilly!

I always knew about rockabilly music, but in my research these past few weeks, I have a whole new outlook on the term Rockabilly.

First of all, let me just say, my own personal vintage "style" leans more towards the Rockabilly scene, with a little bohemian and Victorian thrown in here and there. I think my summer style is more Rockabilly, and my winter style tends to go "Victorian". I'm a seasonal kind of Gal; I don't know why. I don't wear white shoes before Easter, and I quit wearing them on Labor Day, no matter what anyone says about "silly old southern traditions." Anyway..... back to Rockabilly!

"Rockabilly" is a style of music; which began in the late 1940's and 1950's. it is a Rock n' Roll and "hillbilly music" (Country) hybrid. Think Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc. Rockabilly's influences include swing and boogie music. According to Wickipedia, it had it's roots in the American South.

In the 80's, this style of music enjoyed a comeback (Stray Cats) and also became wildly popular in Europe.

Today, there is still quite a Rockabilly subculture, in the US and Europe, and even in Asia.

The "hard core" Rockabilly followers dress in 1950's fashions - and not the demure 1950's housewife kind of 1950's, either. Think pin-up girls, greasers, and bright, fun, brave fashions of the "young people" in the 50's. Although, from what I gather, "Rockabillys" do not like to be confused with "Greasers".

And this is not your Grandmother's music scene, either. These are young people - enjoying the older generation's finest musical and fashion offerings today. Many "Rockabilly Girls" like halter dresses and sleeveless sun dresses so they can show off their "Ink". (Tattoos.)

As with all genres of music and the "scene" surrounding them, some people really go way far out there with the fashions and can be somewhat obscene; for this post, I am keeping it PG all the way.

The elements of a "Rockabilly look" include: Red. Lots of red - red lipstick, red heels, red gingham. Polka Dots. Black and white. High wasited pants. Halter tops, sundresses, pointy cone bras, animal prints, pencil skirts. Cat eye sunglasses, crinolines, old cars and trucks. Double Bass! Crop tops, white gloves, cherries, and Bangs! If you're serious about Rockabilly, you get a 1940's - 50's hair cut with the bangs.








You can find oodles of things on Etsy for this kind of look. Oodles. Just do a search for anything "rockabilly" in the vintage department. I even have a few things among my items that are tagged Rockabilly.

And, I will leave you all with a little video of a great Rockabilly singer: Imelda May, from Dublin, Ireland.


Herb of Grace said...

Don't you wish those bathing suits would come back into mainstream style?? So classy :)

Hosanna said...

YES!! I want one.....