Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Local Goodwill Super Store.....

Dear Local Goodwill Super Store:

I really, really love coming to your store and finding cool old stuff, cheap. I come every week and spend a lot of money there, buying cool old stuff.

But please - do everyone a favor and stop putting large adhesive sticker price tags on your antique and vintage furniture items. Your convenient stickers leave large areas of stickiness that take forever to remove.
Please consider an alternative - like hang tags that tie onto furniture - such as the Salvation Army Thrift Shop across town use.

No stickiness.

No ruined antique finishes.

And please, stop marking prices on the backs and bottoms of china and other items with black Sharpie markers! This greatly reduces the antique value of the items that collectors like myself treasure.

Here is where the adhesive sticker price tags are really nifty. Stick a sticker on the 90 year old vase and mark the price on that; instead of directly on the 90 year old vases' bottom.

Thank you very much - "A frequent and frequently annoyed customer"


Anonymous said...

This is a discussion I, too, have had with my local Goodwill shops. Sooooo frustrating! My neighbor told me she uses Melaluca oil to remove adhesive residue, and I've found that it works on silverplate, cakeplates... etc. I've never tried it on furniture, but it does work on wood frames. As for the Sharpies, my Goodwill uses the oil pencil, which makes cleaning much easier.

Catherine said...

Which Goodwill are you talking about? The one in Yanceyville or the one in Danville?

Hosanna said...

Catherine: the one in Danville. The one in Y'ville uses stickers.