Wednesday, December 8, 2010


One of my favorite flavors ever - peppermint.

Especially at Christmas time.

Nothing is more old fashioned than a candy cane.....


Or how about creamy, slow churned peppermint stick ice cream?


Then there are my other faves, like the dark chocolate fudge brownies with peppermint icing I made a few weekends ago;

Or a peppermint candy cane stir stick for your hot chocolate;

And the oh-so-addicting peppermint nougat candy.

Nothing tastes like Christmas more than peppermint.

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Herb of Grace said...

How about peppermint whoopie pies? We made those when I was a kid. Mmmmm... Or peppermint bark?? WE made that last year. Oh gosh... I gotta go shopping for some SUPPLIES.