Thursday, February 17, 2011

February Thrifted Treasures

Of course, I buy a LOT of stuff in a month for inventory purposes; but some lovelies I cannot part with. Like this sweet boxy little snake skin handbag I snagged for $3.00 at Goodwill. I almost missed it; and saw it as I was going out the door.... it had damage, that I did get fixed, but I love it and will use it, for sure.


And then there was this classic blue Harlequin Fiesta Ware covered vegetable dish from the 50s - that I picked up at a different Goodwill for a mere $2.50.


I just love finding these kinds of goodies. I'm telling you, I'm a vintage Pirate on a treasure hunt, and my home is my treasure trove!


Mom said...

WOW!!! What different Goodwill? Where did you go without me? Geez!

Hosanna said...

Well, I got the handbag at the Yanceyville Goodwill (which is better than the big store in Danville by a long shot!) and I got the Fiesta dish in South Boston - where I rarely go, but did yesterday, and totally scored!