Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PS - Valentines Day

I became a Valentines Day Grinch when I was single, and remain a Valentines Day Grinch now as a married person.

Kevin and I simply do not see the point; so we don't celebrate the holiday at all.

Don't get me wrong - were all in favor of love and romance and showing one's regard and affection for one another. We just don't do it on Valentines Day with the rest of the huddled masses, frantically scrambling for a lame gift (stuffed animals?!)to give their SO, just because the calendar says it' a holiday.

I'm all for others doing it and getting a special warm and fuzzy feeling from it; but I'll pass.

My Valentine's Day "chocolate" could be any random day of the year, when I open the fridge and find a quart of chocolate milk there that I didn't buy.... because Kevin did. He knows I have a soft spot for "chocolate cow" and he surprises me with it now and then when he's gone to the store without me. Or, when he brings me a chilly glass of it while I am lounging on the sofa on a Sunday morning watching "Meet The Press" and wanting to strangle David Gregory so bad. That's my Valentine chocolate.

My Valentine flowers could be any random spring evening..... as the sun is going down and Kevin returns from plowing the back fields, carrying a pile of delicate pink blooms in his hat from the rose bushes that grow wild on the back of our property. Or daffodils. Or iris. Or lilacs. Or any of the wild flowers that grow on our farm.

I prefer to celebrate "Valentine's Day" with more spontaneity. It's Valentine's day when I'm not expecting it to be Valentine's day. For us, it's Valentine's Day when an ordinary day turns into something special because of a small random gift or act of love and affection.

And I just find that so much more romantic than those predictable, boring gifts that get pushed on the public every year in February.

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