Monday, February 21, 2011

Vanity Boxes

I love vintage vanity items. Toiletries used to come in such pretty containers, unlike the plastic ho-hum ones you get cosmetics, soaps and bath items in these days.

One of my little collecting habits happens to be these pretty vanity items; especially unusual little boxes.

Like this painted porcelain hair pin box from Japan:



 I bought it at a flea market for fifty cents.

 This "hair receiver"  box if a family relic that belonged to some female member on my Grandfather's side. The lid has a hole in the top, and ladies would save the hair from their brushes and use for little projects. Kinda gross, I know.... but they didn't think a thing of it. Anyway; it's hand painted in China; probably around the 20's.


 This is a silver plate powder box with a monogrammed lid that I bought at an antique shop. I polished it up and it still remains stubbornly tarnished on the lid..... not sure why. The monogram isn't mine but I love monograms no matter what letters they are. I just store vintage brooches in it. Until I get some powder and a powder puff for it.



 This is another cute old trinket box my mom gave me when I was really little; I used to put my lost teeth in there. Eeeew! Anyway, the box's design is made from pieces of grass, or reeds; or some kind of plant material and lined in satin. It's really old; and I believe it also used to belong to a great grandmother or aunt or someone in the family.


 These are just a few of the oldest in my collection; I have newer antique reproduction boxes that I stash various jewelry and trinkets in.


Denise said...

The powder box looks like it is silver plate. The more you rub the more silver you are rubbing off and exposing the base metal underneath. You can used all your saved hair in the garden. It is wonderful for your rosebushes...

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Oh, I love them.