Monday, February 14, 2011


Today I determined to try doing traditional, 1940s style "Victory Rolls" in my hair. Look at these pics and then I will describe the whole ordeal:




I have gotten this look before using combs; but I have never tried to make actual rolls using the traditional method. First I watched a bunch of tutorials on You Tube (there's a lot of them.)

A few things I discovered on this attempt: First, you have to start with rolled hair - either hot rolled (what I do) sponge rolled, rag rolled, or if you're lucky, naturally curly hair.
Second, It is a good idea to have "product" to put in your hair. I despise putting "product" in my hair, but if you don't, wispy hairs will be all over the place! I tried it a couple times without, and finally put in some "sculpting" gel.
Third: My arms were killing me!

Anyway - my first couple of results were way poofy and fluffy. Then I decided to stop trying to follow all the methods in the videos I watched, and I ended up pinning large "curls" down closer to my head; as opposed to "rolls"; getting less poof.
I also pinned up the back in one big "curl". But, it also looks nice let down in the back.

So, I am resolved to start practicing several times a week at least; until I perfect my "method", and maybe I can get a sister or two to let me practice doing it on someone else's head also.

So, first attempt: "sorta" Victory Rolls. Passable. Meh.
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elisa said...

Sooo, why are they called "Victory ROlls"?

Hosanna said...

I think it's because they were popular during WW2; and everything was "Victory" then: Victory garden; Victory rolls; you know.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Great job. They are so hard to do!