Thursday, April 14, 2011

Black Shoes and Summer Sandals


How many pairs of black shoes does a person need? At least 10, apparently. I've been sorting through all my clothes and things while I get out all the summer stuff; and I realized that most of my shoes are black. I have the boring tendency to wear black shoes with everything. I need to remedy this.
It's time for sandals! Here are a few I like:

 American Eagle Outfitters


The basic problem I have with sandals is this:
Cute = uncomfortable and too dressy looking. Comfortable = bulky, chunky, ugly clodhoppers. Why can't there be a happy medium (that will not also make my husband choke and cough and frown when he sees the price tag)?

- The "flat" sandals being sold today hurt my feet and legs so bad, I can't stand it. I have high arches. This is a problem.
 - I find most styles unattractive. Gladiator sandals are just not for me.
 - High heeled, cuter sandals are not very "casual" and I need something to throw on with shorts or a skirt for running to the grocery store or out to a church rummage sale on the weekend.

I think I might just forget sandals this year and go with ballet flats I can stick arch supports in.

 This makes me very....very.... sad.

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Prairie Princess said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds gladiator It is difficult to find a middle ground with comfort and style... you might look at these...

A tad spendy, but they look sooo comfortable! :)