Friday, April 15, 2011



I bought this old milk glass, silver plate footed cold cream jar at my friend's antiques shop. It's such a cute little thing; and missing it's lid. Perfect for a tiny bouquet of wild violets I picked in my yard. 

 Violets are my favorite wildflower. I wanted to carry a bouquet of them for my wedding but we couldn't find them to  buy. So, I made do with sugared violets on the cake.

 Did you know you can make jelly from violets? I made some last year! It's pretty neat.


Catherine said...

I have a recipe saved on my favorites for violet jelly. I really want to try making it. What does it taste like?

paintingpam said...

What a pretty vase!! And violets on your wedding cake--beautiful and natural!

Hosanna said...

Catherine: I have no idea what it tastes like. I haven't tried it yet! I assume it's some kind of light flavor; kind of like rose hip tea or something.