Monday, August 3, 2009

Auntie Bliss

(Abi, Alana, and Ethan in the pool at my barn)
Well, I had a nasty Sunday afternoon.... I was extremely sick. I won't gross you out with the details but I will just say the only time I got up from the sofa was to run and....... uh-huh. And from there to the bed. I couldn't even keep water down. Ugh. Anyway.........I was looking through my photos absent minded today and realised that about 40% are of my nieces and nephews, 40% are of my horses and pets, and 20% are of other less-important subjects. I love being and aunt. I always knew I would. I decided when my first niece Abi was born, I would be the very best Auntie....... and judging from the screams and squeals that greet me when I show up, they think I am a fairly good aunt. (My other sisters are, too, naturally- of course.)

(Abi, Brendan, and Alana checking out Major and Jazz)
I am "Auntie 'Sanna" to Abigail Grace, Alexis Monet, Ethan Noah, Elianna Amalie, Alana Faith, Emilie Kate, Dylan Thomas, Brendan Thomas, and the newest addition last month, Owen Michael. We do things like ride ponies (Abi did horse shows at age 3), swim in the pool, go fishing, go shopping, have tea parties, dress up, go to movies, play in the dirt, ride tractors, eat chocolate chip cookies for lunch, have ice cream for supper, paint our nails, watch movies, plant seeds in the garden, hang out...........

(Alexis at her birthday-pool-party)
I get called all manner of things: 'Sanna, Hosey-anna, and other variations of my name; "Zuchhini" is Abi's pet name for me. Ethan called me "gramma" for a while; and now Brendan calls me "Nanna." Each kid has their own version.

(Alana at the pool. I call this "lifesavers"....)
Alexis told her mom I was her "favorite aunt", because I "let her pick" things. I took her shopping and let her pick some clothes; I let her pick her breakfast food; I let her pick treats and snacks. Within reason, of course. Noelle says this is "spoiling"..... Yeah, whatever.
It's fun. It rocks. And when they get to be too much, they go home. Perfect.
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