Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Whose kids these are, I think I know....




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Weekends are such fun at my house. Most weekends my brothers come over and bring their kids.
This past weekend I spent a lot of time doing all kinds of goofy things with my nieces and nephews.
Here are some sneak peeks at them. I am totally ticked off with blogger right now, not showing the photo previews in the posting field, so I am stuck with explaining who's who after the fact. First is Lexy, fixing OJ in the early morning sun in my kitchen window.
Next is Abi, looking cute in a vintage dress of mine. (There was much dressing up this weekend........)
Then we have Brendan, enjoying a lime popcicle while watching the men work on a tractor; and last is Ethan, taking part in the dress-up with a Chinese Darth Vader get-up.
Once I sort out all my other photos, I'll tell about digging for treasure and chocolate syrup on pancakes. Among other things we did....

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