Friday, August 14, 2009

Re-Fashions for my Home

I love re-fashion. Basically, it is re-cycling vintage "stuff" into cool, new "stuff"; whether it be clothing, or in this case, things for the home.
I decided that my pantry needed some dolling up, so I gave it a little makeover this week. (I love my pantry. Even if we buy or build a different house one day, I want a pantry. They are so cool. It is one of my fave things about farmhouses...besides the porches.)
To begin with, my niece Abigail and I took all of my vintage Blue Willow, pink American transferware, ironstone, family silver and other misc. vintage silver that I collect out of the small white china cabinet they were in. Later this weekend, I am getting a new china cabinet! Yay!
Then we moved a black plastic shelf out of the pantry and Kevin and I moved the white china hutch in it's place; on which I placed a lot of my vintage kitchen collectibles. (I collect those too, and have boxes and boxes.) This white cabinet used to be my Mom's when we lived in Florida. First she painted it lavender when we lived in Miami (yuck!). Then she painted it avocado green when we lived in Gainesville (Gross!). Then I painted it "shabby white." Better.


Then I took out one of my vintage linens from my hoard of those and made a curtain from it.

I think it must have been some sort of piano cover, or mantle cover in it's former life; as it fit perfectly across my piano keyboard.

I pinned it up for a two inch ruffle.....

I sewed it up by hand. I don't have an electric sewing machine - but I have the old pedal kind that way my grandma's.

All finished! Are those spiderwebs around that window?! It seems as if even if I destroy them one day, the spiders just put them back then next. Oh well.

I have done a few other re-fashions for the house; I will share them soon also.


Nancy Jo said...

Boy do I wish I had a pantry. The farm house I grew up in had a really nice one. Why they stopped putting them in new houses I have no idea. Yours looks really nice. I like your white cabinet and your curtains came out really cute.
Nancy Jo

Kay @ The Rustic Cottage said...

Love, love, love the white walls, blue woodwork, and the white curtain!!

Herb of Grace said...

Super cute! Love it :)