Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Shop Update

First of all - (I am so excited) - I have a new shiny custom made shop banner! I love, love, love my banner and avatar now! I was getting by with a standard banner provided by Etsy, and a drab avatar. Now I have the perfect thing for my shop and I am so thrilled. I was going to try to make one myself, and decided I just couldn't do it right now, so I purchased one from a custom banner selling Etsyan. Click on my Etsy link in the sidebar to check it out. :D

Here are some very cool antique - not just vintage; antique - purses I listed this week:


This first one is a genuine 1920 "Flapper" handbag. It is super adorable. I would keep it, if it were mine; but it is a consignment for a friend - so alas, it cannot live in my personal handbag stash.


This second one is a 1890 coin purse. The oldest thing in my shop right now!

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This handbag was features in this Etsy treasury. It's my first time being in some one's treasury, I am so thrilled!

There will be two new sections shortly: "Sweet Dreams" for lovely, never worn sleepwear, gowns, robes, etc.

I am also collecting items for a "I Do" (weddings) section. For that, I will be listing mostly accessories like hats, gloves, bridal jewelry, and some super romantic, frilly, perfect handbags of my own creation. And maybe.... maybe... a vintage wedding dress I have in my things?....... :)

Also - I am soon to procure a large stash of costume (and other) jewelry from a friend of mine, who wore it during her college years in the early 1950's. I am SO stoked about this. I haven't seen it yet; she says she is getting it all together "in a box"..... I will be listing the whole stash in the shop!

So anyway, that's some news for April.........

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Prairie Princess said...

I really REALLY love the little coin charming! :)

I'll probably be going to Klicker's this week...want me to see if they still have the rest of the magazines?? Want me to pick some up for you? :) Just let me know!