Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Cleaning, The Sequel

If you live in or around trees, then you probably know that this year the pollen has been ............ unbelievable.

A few posts back I posted about Spring Cleaning and the fact that I am just not real good at it. I am an outdoorsy person - I'd rather be outside digging in the dirt than keeping house during the gorgeous spring weather - witch is exactly what I have been doing. Planting. And I am not even the greatest gardener, either!

Last week we had HOT - and I mean HOT - weather. One day it was 91 degrees. That's not supposed to happen till May or June. And this was the first week of April.
Needless to say the trees have burst forth in leaves sooner than usual.

And our farm cottage is situated beneath several large, gigantic, humongous, old oak trees. So our home was buried in a cloud of pollen for over a week. My cats came in from outdoors with yellow dust on their coats. My poor little Splat, who we think may have asthma, was coughing and gagging more than usual. It's to the point where I am going to have to take her to the vet because of the breathing issue she has. Kevin has been coughing and hacking, and I have a nasty dry cough also.

We keep our windows open. We do not have any kind of central air system with which to filter out said pollen. So everything - everything!- in the house was covered in a layer of yellow dust. It was so gross. I cleaned it one day, and it was back the next.

So finally I gave up and just stuck to my planting, patio construction, gardening, yard work, painting outdoors, etc. and tried to forget about the pollen dust all over everything in the house.

Also, we are brooding 24 chicks in the dining room. They got too big for their brooder so we moved them into a huge wire cage on saw horses. They kick litter and feed and water and dirt all over the place. And, their adult feathers are growing in, so guess where all their little baby fuzz went to? Uh-huh, you got that right. All over everything in the dining room, along with the pollen.

So two days ago we got some nice rain, which settled the pollen a bit. And I have finally begun cleaning - again. I already did "Spring Cleaning" once; and now I am on round two of deep cleaning in four weeks. Gah!

I have been cleaning for 4 hours straight, and so far have cleaned our living room and front entry hall.

That's it.

Iced tea, mint thin cookies, and four hours later - two rooms cleaned.

I had to clean every.single.item.individually. Every book; every DVD; every single remote; every die cast collectible tractor model of Kevin's; every oil lamp and collectible.... thing.... of mine in the room. Then I washed every surface. I vacuumed the sofa and chairs. And the floor.

Then I mopped.

And then I mopped again.

And the mop water was still gross, so...

I mopped once more.

There are not enough mint thin cookies in my stash to continue at this rate. I will require more cookies, and more tea. And probably some ice cream.

I have a feeling this is going to take all week. 4 more rooms to go...... Bleh.

I think I'll take a brake and had to the barn and play with my ponies for a little while.

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