Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two Things

Number 1: I am not a breakfast person. I do not like breakfast foods in general. When I was still living at home, and instructing (horseback riding) full time, I'd eat a broccoli and chicken hot pocket before hauling to a show on the weekend to ward off the horrible headaches I would get while showing horses in the hot sun. My Dad would look at me, eating a hot pocket at 6 AM while heading to the barn to load horses, and he'd ask me:

"What are you going to feed your husband and kids for breakfast? Hot Pockets?" (He was suggesting that I needed to learn to cook breakfast food.)

I'd shrug and say:

"Sure! Besides, Dad: who wants to marry a man who cannot fix his own breakfast, anyway?"

To which my practical Dad would reply:

"What about the kids? Are they going to fix their own, too?"

"Well, no..... their Dad can fix it for them!" I'd say.

So now, a few years later, am married to a man who thinks breakfast is a pot of black coffee. And who then goes out and works hard on the farm in the heat and is usually sick by lunch time.

So what did I do yesterday? Breakfast challenged little ol' me made him "eggs in the hole" from my new Pioneer Woman cookbook. Actually, I didn't need the recipe from the book, I just saw the photos and thought "Huh" and did it without the book. I mean, come on; you cut a hole in pieces of bread and crack the eggs in there. Done. Simple. Kevin woofed two down and said he could have eaten two or three more.

So now I guess I'm going to be cooking breakfasts.

Number 2: I am not a natural gardener. I usually kill plants. I can hardly keep a sourdough starter alive. I am good with pets and livestock, but not plants and things like that.
But, I have been educating myself via the Internet about gardening. I am actually enjoying it. Google is amazing. I get all my questions answered:
When and how to transplant daffodils and jonquils.
When and how to transplant rose bushes.
When and how to transplant lilac bushes.
When and how to transplant sweet pea vines. (That does not work out so well.) Cilantro is also coriander, but not Italian flat leaf parsley, like the pot I bought at the Home Depot claimed. Grrrr
How to properly plant hydrangeas.
How to compost kitchen waste in a plastic garbage can.
When and how to plant asparagus, grapes, fig trees, and a hundred other things....

I am actually really getting in to this gardening thing. I figured I needed to get an education if I was going to keep up with Kevin, who can grow anything, and was riding tractors and growing things on his Grandfather's 2,000 acre crop farm before he could sit up. (Well, maybe that is a stretch, but not by much. I think he was raking hay and plowing ground by himself at 10 years old; as soon as he could reach the petals on the tractor, and have the strength to stomp that clutch.)

So the past few weeks I have planted: lettuce, spinach, fruit trees, grape vines, asparagus, and some herbs yesterday. Today the potatoes go in, as well as the first tomato plants.

Let's hope and pray that I can keep it all alive and I'll be canning by July. Yay!


Prairie Princess said...

I'm with you on the gardening thing... Plants don't like me. I have some tulips doing pretty well this spring, but my crocuses and hyacinths look rather sickly... So I've been trying to decide if it's even worth trying with veggies this year.

But breakfast foods?? Oooh... I think breakfast is the best meal of the day. Then again, I had strawberry shortcake (with an English muffin instead of shortcake) for breakfast this morning. Sugar. The ultimate breakfast food. :D

Catherine said...

Lol! I can just see your dad saying that. :)

dace design said...

I soooooo share with you the breakfast thing! :) It just feels like my body needs time to wake up and I don't want to stuff it while it's still not fully awake :) And how funny ab. your husband - thinks "breakfast is a pot of black coffe.." lol I like that! :)