Saturday, April 3, 2010

Groovy Colors, Man!

I was whining to my friend Elisa a few months ago about the lack of color in my Etsy shop. I whine to her about a lot of things; photography stuff, computer stuff, life stuff..... anyway as I was getting my Spring and Summer Etsy offerings together, it seemed like it was nothing but white stuff.... and some blue. I was determined, after this "no color" analysis, to get some more colorful, bright things and list them; hoping to beat the boring back.

So last night I went shopping for inventory, and I bought this.... this thing.

And I brought it home, and immediately stashed it upstairs before Kevin saw it, because I was beginning to question whether or not I should admit that I paid good money for it.

It is a 1970's sweater... dress? Tunic? Shirt? All of the above? But hey! It's bright, yes? I show it being worn over jeans, because my lily white pre-tan legs are just too much for even me to handle looking at. I took it way back to the "back 40" to photograph it, because I didn't want to be seen in it by anyone who might happen upon me wearing it. :D I mean, it's not too bad, it's just - different, and very very colorful and not really "my style". When I list it, it will make my Etsy seem a lot less bland in the color department.

Then I rummaged around and dug out this:

Also 1970's, home made, and rather colorful and fruity. Notice I even pulled off a good 1970's hippie hair do for these photos. That is how long I have allowed m y hair to get before the annual spring chop, soon to come.

Oh yeah. I remember why I quit wearing these low slung flare jeans, now. they are really not that flattering of my *ahem* curves. Note to self: donate the Old Navy Flares to the Goodwill.
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Denise said...

Well I think it is a dress and it definitely needs to have a macrame belt to go with it in maybe a avocado green...;)

Hosanna said...

Definitely a belt, for sure. I don't have one to go with it, so I'll have to shop around and find one to got with it. This would look good with leggin's, too.