Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scene Chickens?

I inherited some chickens from my friend this morning. These are "fancy" chickens, with Fancy feather "hair dos". Anyway, it struck me that their "hair" looks a lot like some of the "scene hair" seen on young people in the "scene" today. It is really rather funny:






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So I call these my rock star chickens. Tee Hee!


Herb of Grace said...

Lol! That's pretty hilarious... I wonder what those punkers would think if they knew you were secretly (or not so secretly) comparing them to CHICKENS!!??

Catherine said...


Hosanna said...

LOL - I know, Lis. I hope no one reading this is offended! I mean, I don't have anything against "Scene Kids", or "Emo" kids; I just thought my chickens looked similar.... :)

Tess H said...

la, that's hilarious! I must remember never to get a hairdo like that.:) Of course, Lis already says I'm a turkey, so I guess it wouldn't be that bad to be a chicken, too. ;)

dace design said...

What a find, they really are so similar. Thank you for this funny thought of the day :)
just found your blog, and I love it!

Susannah Forshey said...

VERY funny post!