Sunday, March 27, 2011


I found the website "Ruche" somehow or another, and very nearly cried the first time I looked over the items for sale there. There is a lot of vintage inspired indie clothing on the site that is just tasty enough to eat. But pricey! Nevertheless - It's worth a look if you're wanting to free yourself from "retail sameness". These were some of my faves:

#1: This is so, SO "nineteens" - 1910 - 1920. Think Downton Abbey -  my new favorite costume drama.

#2: How 1950s is this plaid camp shirt? I need it to wear with my vintage jods. (But not for $95.... on sale.)

 #3: 1930s - early 40s repro! It's almost like the designer used a vintage 30s/40s pattern - I have the perfect hat to go with it, too.

 #4: This dress is just classic. Pure classic. *sigh*

 There were so, so many others - too many to picture here. You must simply go to the site and see it all for yourself! They have jewelry (reasonably priced) much like what you find on Etsy; as well as accessories and purses and shoes to die for. Unfortunately, many of the items were sold out, or there were only one or two left to be had - so you have to move quick if you want something really bad.
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Lisa T. said...

Oh Gorgeous. I love Downton Abbey too. I just watched the whole first season this week. I so want Anna and Mr. Bates to be together...

Hosanna said...

I want them to be together too! Sp sweet! And I just want to smack Thomas and O'Brien upside their heads in every episode..... I mean, what reason do they have to be so snippy?!
Anyway - there is going to be another season this fall! I am so excited! I think I read that they started filming it this month. :)