Thursday, March 24, 2011

1970s Goes to the Office

Well..... aren't you a cute fur.

May I take your sleeve?

Tee hee, you're such a funny fur......

I promise this is not going to turn into one of those "outfit-a-day" blogs. There's plenty of those out there. But I do want readers to know that I not only sell vintage, I wear it when I get the occasion to do so. I don't wear vintage every day like some of the "die hard" vintage lovers do, though. (I greatly admire those girls who have that kind of dedication!) I do, however, keep and wear much of my purchases, and have a personal appreciation for it. I loved vintage and wore vintage before I sold the first thing in my shop. Just so ya know.

Here, I am wearing a new piece I bought to sell, but decided to keep - a 1970s polyester button down, collared dress in cream and brown; with a flattering a-line, high waisted skirt (great for my - *ahem* - curves) and a matching belt. It is in pristine condition; like it was never worn.

The 1970s is not necessarily my favorite fashion decade; but this was too cute to pass up and not overly tacky - IMO. Somebody else might think it the grodiest thing they ever saw!
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Catherine said...

I think it is a cute outfit! I could even see pairing the top and scarf with some jodpurs and making for a very nice riding outfit. :)

Hosanna said...

They're not separate pieces - it's all one dress. :)