Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Birthday Present To Me!

*Sorry for the missing photo - again! This is the second time in three days that blogger has eaten my photos*
I had originally bought this for my Etsy shop but as I handled it and photographed it, I fell in love; and now it is mine. I bought it at an antique shop. The tag said: "1930s Pin". I am no antique jewelry expert; but this is a "Coro" brooch (or "scatter" pin -) and the font in the Coro stamp was one used from sometime in the 20's through the late 30's, according to my research. I thought it was very appropriate - as the stone is my birthmonth stone, and the thing if from the 30's era, and I turned 30 this year........... cheesy, I know.

I don't feel 30; but then I don't know what 30 is supposed to feel like.

And when I pondered my last 30 years and looked forward to the next 30, and what I would change about my life, or try to do differently, I came to this conclusion: I would change nothing about my 30 years so far.

And, as for the next 30? .......I just want more of what I am doing now; except for maybe a bit more traveling around and visiting places.

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