Monday, March 21, 2011

Recent Vintage Buy.

Oh..... hello there. I've had a busy few days. With Spring arriving, I've had lots of things to do outdoors and around the house.

I found this coat recently and bought it - for a mere $6.50. It is in perfect condition - satin lined, and a soft brushed camel, in a traditional trench coat style. From the early 1950s, from the looks of the label.


 I am just a little sad that I discovered it right as the weather is warming up, and I will have to wait till next fall/winter to wear it out much.


 I look rather awful in these photos.... I am a little sleepy and sun burned from the weekend outdoor activities.

 And lest you think I'm not wearing anything under the coat - I am:


A cute little brown 1960s textured wool number I bought  from Carol at Dandelion Vintage. I love her website; I have bought several things from her and I adore every one of them. This one was missing the zipper; which I replaced.  

I am also wearing the shoes I wore for my wedding three years ago; and a neat little vintage 50's pin I bought the same day as the coat but at a different shop; for only a "coupla bucks". 



 I haven't been shopping for vintage in the past several weeks; as I am saving my funds for a big weekend coming up.... the first weekend in April I am heading to a "rummage" sale at a auditorium back home in North Carolina with my Mom. The following day we're headed to a huge outdoors yard sale up in Virginia; along with stops at some thrift shops, a vintage shop, and several antiques stores in the vicinity. I am excited! I have a cash stash started in a tea pot in my china cabinet. :)

I'll be sure to document the trips with my camera and share the fun times here.

Happy Spring, everyone!


Lisa T. said...

I just love the picture showing your dress. I know you're not a fan of the show, but you are so Mad Men. (The story line is icky, but I can't look away from the way the secretarial pool dresses-wouldn't a show just about working women in the 50's be awesome-surely they wouldn't all be sleeping with each other anyhow...)

You are just so dang cute!


Hosanna said...

Awww thanks Lisa. I do thing Mad Men has AMAZING costumes. It's just that everyone is so sad and the women are so depressed and used by the guys - that's one reason I don't like the show. I only watched about 4 episodes, though.

Anonymous said...

Where in North Carolina is the sale? I live in Eden, NC and love a good yard sale or rummage sale. I love to sew, quilt, rug hook, cross stitch, and knit. I like going to sales and finding fabric and yarn. Wondered if either sale was close to me. Love your blog!!!Loved what you did with the recent bookcase!! Can't wait to see pictures of your finds. You are very talented!!