Friday, May 18, 2012

Garden Salvage: My FREE Garden Planter Box/Stand/Thingy

I realize that some people - maybe even some of you reading this post - may think this kind of thing is tacky junk. Whatever. I respect everyone's opinion.

But this it totally my style! I call it "junque".  It's "salvage". It's rustic. It's up-cycled, it's green, it's eco-friendly, it's free.

Yep, free. 

The wood box, I pulled out of the dumpster down the road; all I did was nail one side back together.

The wrought iron stand is an old aquarium stand I got from my parents when they cleaned out their garage recently.

Wood box + old iron stand = groovy- as- all- get- out- planter. (It's turned around backwards as there is some childish painting of someone's pet gerbil, or something, that lived in the aquarium this came with, a long time ago. I haven't painted over it yet, so I just turn it around till I do.)

I popped some begonias and thyme in there.

Brutus has taken to following me around as I work in the flower beds, sulking when I don't sit and pet him for an hour. I guess he's entitled to some sulking at 15 years old.

I find that working in the garden and flower beds helps  me wind down in the evenings.... quite relaxing. And ensures an excellent night's sleep.