Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pretty Awesome Goodwill Haul.

Okay, so I was only supposed to pick up the tractor starter from the repair shop this morning, and pick up some groceries - but I stopped in the Goodwill because it's my habit. Mostly because I have been trying desperately to find and buy the perfect piece of vintage furniture to convert into a bathroom vanity for our upcoming bathroom re-do. Because going to Home Depot and buying a run-of-the-mill, average, typical fake wood bathroom vanity in a box like everyone else has in their house makes my face twitch. I want to do that about as much as I want to install wall to wall carpets back over my hardwood floors. Yep, I'm becoming an "remodelista". A old home remodel "snob", you could say. I want old;  not new, and boxed.

I came away from the Goodwill with a great pile of stuff!!

Oh wow. How about this 1950s - early 60s Hawaiian print romper/swimsuit?! Pieces like this are nearly impossible to find in thrift shops anymore. My eyes practically popped out of my skull and bounced onto the floor.  And it's in a decent modern size, too! Not a mini vintage size like most.....
It had a price tag from a yard sale on it of $.50. Of course, I had to pay more for it.... too bad I missed that yard sale! For sale here.

I got this sweet little 50s cardigan on the $1.00 rack. It's in superb condition, just the kind of cardy I like to wear belts over in cool weather. And it has such a cool applique on the left shoulder! Love. Keeping this one for myself. Sorry, girls.

Then I found this amazing 1970s Italian leather messenger bag (for me) and this great pair of 60s pumps (for the shop). As she was putting the shoes in the bag, the cashier muttered "Those are sharp!" Heehee. Shoes for sale here.

And in the jewelry case, I discovered this 50s pearl circle pin and these sweet enameled daisy clip on earrings (50s).
Pretty sweet haul; I thought.

But I didn't find a vanity piece. The search continues.......

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