Saturday, May 19, 2012

Platform Shoes

Guess what.

Despite what some may think,

the 1970s did not invent, nor does that decade own, platform shoes.


They've been worn since ancient times, and in the 15th and 16 centuries to display elevated social, or aristocratic status, in many European cultures. 

Of course the Chinese wore them as well; men as well a women; to make them taller, and also as a sign of social status.

My Dad tells about wearing platform shoes in the 70s when he was into the disco  scene.

My favorite era for platform styles is my favorite era for just about anything; the 1940s.

My problem with this is two fold: 1.) I cannot always justify the purchase of 1940s shoes - they can be pricey; understandably -  and 2.) Shoes in just about any and every vintage era were made for mini-persons; seldom have I found vintage shoes to fit my rather wedge shaped, modern 8 - 8 1/2 feet.

So my only option, if I want a vintage look, is to buy modern "retro" style shoes.

Like these I found at Goodwill today, for $4.00.

And they've never been worn, to boot. (No pun intended....) I wasn't looking for shoes; I wasn't needing a pair of shoes like this; but when I find something so remarkably retro, I must buy. In this case, it was a bonus that they're my size. I'll just tuck them away in my closet for future wearing.

They look remarkably similar to these lovelies I found on Midnight Mart on Etsy, no? (Bottom photo.)

Incidentally, I love these 1940s shoes with the bows............

.....................and this little number is to die for.

Many thanks to the Midnight Mart for the use of their photo in this post.

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