Friday, May 11, 2012

1950s Swimsuits for Bombshells.

I decided to go ahead and list my swim suits before booth day tomorrow.

 1950s Blue "cone bra" pin up style swim suit

 1950s Black skirted swim suit 

I love both of these but they're both a little large in the bust for me... otherwise I just might be keeping them both for myself!

I am hard at work listing new stuff today, as well as getting all my things together for my booth at the May Festival tomorrow. Getting everything tagged has taken me over a week of working on it in the evenings.

I've also spent all day messing around with different table set ups and stuff......cramming everything into a 10x10 space is going to be a challenge! I am not able to bring as many of my antiques and collectibles as I thought. Maybe I should have bought two spaces. Oh, well.

Photos tomorrow after we get done!

So excited.


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