Saturday, May 12, 2012

Carolina Roses On The Road

What a fun day.

 I didn't sell out like I was hoping I would (I am at the point of wanting to get rid of everything and start all over from scratch) but I made my rental fee back! I love dealing with customers in person! I learned some new things:

 - Always have a helper. Today I took my niece Abi. I have a feeling as she get older we're going to be good partners in this business. :)

 - My stuff will NOT fit in a puny 10x10 space. I only put out half of what I brought.

 - My SD card does me no good if it gets left in the computer at home. Luckily, this festival was 10 mins. from my house so I ran back for it.

I hope I get to take my stuff on the road more often this year! I had SO much fun.

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