Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Brutal Summer

Someone told me the older I get the less I will like summer. (Usually, summer is my favorite time of year.) Maybe that is true, because this hot hot weather is taking a toll on my brain.

Thus, being MIA from this blog.

A quick recap of what keeps me away from blogging these days -

- My bird raising has been unsuccessful. I raised them to 5 weeks, then one by one they weakened and died. I have no idea what happened. I am so depressed about it.  I an now working under a licensed wildlife rehabber, and I am going to get my own permit shortly. We'll be the only 2 rehabbers with licenses in three counties. I can't say I am too thrilled about this, after my failed Chimney Swift attempt. I'm terrified anything I get now is going to die. :/

- I am a college student now. I am enrolled in a class - on line - dealing with search engines and using them to your full advantage (for business traffic, in my case). I am really interested in digital art and design, web design, e-commerce, and things of that nature; but they weren't offering those classes this semester. So ... next time.  I find the class really interesting, and so far have made 100s on all my quizzes. *pats self on back*

- I am working on a whole load of new pretties for the shop, hitting sometime in the next few months in time for Holiday shopping. I am excited about it. Although, getting photos has been a chore. For several reasons... namely, inadequate camera and inadequate space for a "studio" shot.

- I am also working on designs for Christmas and Holiday items. Crafting! Yay!

- I got a new kitty cat. We went outside at 11:30 one evening to coax in our other young cat and heard pitiful crying from another street..... we went looking and found this:

We inquired all over the neighborhood to see if anyone had lost him, and I even put an advert in the paper and Craigslist to see if anyone was missing a cat - as he was wearing a collar. In the end, it seems like someone dumped him on the street and left. So he is now OURS. We're calling him "Gator" - but once in a while I let "Goober" slip. Teehee.

- I gather tomatoes by the bucket full. I have been canning tomatoes practically every day and eating them for every meal; and still they overflow....

- I finally got my pool back from the summer campers at my horse barn. *sigh*

- Practice has commenced for the "Extreme Cowboy Competition"  coming up in September.  I am working on getting my horse to stand next to the gate very still so that I can work the latch with my foot; thereby improving my time, so that I might have a shot at winning it this year. HAHA! Everything else they require of you, she does perfectly.

- I don't know about anyone else, but I am totally looking forward to the London Olympics!!! I especially love watching the gymnastics - but most of all, the equestrian sports. Namely, Three Day Eventing.  Speaking of the Olympics and Three Day Eventing, have I ever told you readers that I once met, and spent the day hanging around with, Olympians and medal winners David and Karen O'Connor? I audited a riding camp they were doing in Lexington on CX day. What a blast. They're such "real" people. Even if they have won every prize there is to win in the equestrian world and then some.
I hope everyone's summer (or winter, depending on what side of the equator you're living on) is going great. 

Cherrio! (In the spirit of the London Olympics.......)



Denise said...

Aww a new kitty! He looks like my Roxy except he has a white bib and two white whiskers LOL. Hope he turns into a good mouser for you!

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Gator is AMAZING. How many cats do you have now?

Good for you re enrolling in a course.

Hosanna said...

I have six cats now. :)