Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shop Update: Hurrah for Red, White and Blue!!

I have kind of been MIA this past week..... with temps in the lower 100s here in the Eastern USA, I kind of had no desire to do anything except veg in front of the TV watching movies (when I am not working) and veg out in the pool. That, and trying non stop during the day to keep my critters cooled off and watered, and keeping my plants and gardens watered.

Today we Americans celebrate our Independence and the birth of our nation! I will be dressing up in my historical outfit and representing the 1860s era in my historical hometown's Independence Day celebrations. I always have fun dressing in my historical garb!

So in the spirit of 1776 and the Stars and Stripes, here are a few new listings and some not so new listings that are Patriotic. :)

1.-  Rustic Burlap Bunting Banner "USA"  
2. - Red canvas wedges (70s) - these remind me of a pair of TOMS wedges I saw recently!
3. -  White felt hat with feathers
4. - Blue and white gingham post earrings
5. - Red white and blue plaid 60s day dress and belt

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