Sunday, July 15, 2012

Peach Iced Tea and Kitty Cats

So....... it's peach season. Mmmmmmm. We went up to the local market - "Country Boys" - and bought a half bushel basket of the succulent Southern fruits.

They were for canning, of course, but not before I  bit into two or three - over the sink, because of the juices running down my face and arms. I also made up a glass of peach iced tea... the nectar of the gods. Peach tea is hands down my favorite beverage, period, end of story.

To make this, I simply slice a peach into a glass of sweet tea, add ice cubes, and give it the ol' swirly with an iced tea spoon. Heavenly.

My senior  kitty, Brutus. He's 15 this year, and the vet says he is doing awesome. Although, sometimes I think he has moments of senility. Haha. 

I guess I have not mentioned here, that I am raising three orphan wild birds. I discovered them in the cold woodstove where I work, having fallen down the chimney. They were hatchlings then, with no feathers and their eyes still closed. There was no way to return them to the mother two stories above; so I took them  home to raise them. 

They're doing very well; better then expected. Here is how they looked the first couple of days I had them:

 And last week, they opened their eyes and enjoyed sitting in my hand and looking around them:

They eat softened cat kibble, and chopped boiled eggs. I've also fed them watermelon, tomatoes, freeze dried meal worms, and tinned cat food. Their favorite is the egg. (Ironic, isn't it?)

I know it is crazy to try to raise birdies with a family of five cats living here; but everyone is getting along great. The cats lost interest in them and actually get annoyed and leave when they start yammering for me to feed them - usually in a shrill, piercing sheik!

I am planning on returning them to the wild as soon as they are self-feeding.... I am hoping they're not too imprinted on me. If so I have three new pets, I suppose.  I have no idea what kind of birds they are; if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear what you think!


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Awww... seniors. I have two 15yos and a 14yo and they are all old and crusty, but I love them dearly.

PS Don't tell Brutus bout the birds.

Miss Elizabeth said...

The tea looks so good! And those baby birds are so adorable.... how sweet! Love your blog, by the way. :)